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360 Litre Wheelie Bin

360 Litre Wheelie Bin



360 litre wheelie bin information

Here at Wheeliebins Ltd, we stock a vast selection of 360 litre bins and many other sizes. Our 360 litre wheelie bins are made to last and at the end of their very long life, you will find them to be widely recyclable. Just like our other wheelie bins, the 360L wheelie bin can be fitted with lid locks, slots for paper, apertures for bottles and much more. Call us direct for more information and prices.

Our 360ltr wheelie bin is resistant to cold, heat and chemicals.

Our 360l bin has a string galvanised axle and smooth-running wheels with solid tyres.

Just like all of our “Superior” quality wheelie bins the 360 bin is manufactured to full EN840 approval meeting all relevant safety standards.

Our 360 litre wheelie bins are made from PE-HD using the compact injection moulding method and emptied using the standard lifting comb.

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You can get in touch with our dedicated team of advisors at any time with questions or queries about your requirements. Whether you require a 360 bin or any other wheelie bin size, we can help!

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