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Contacting us

Please feel free to contact us whenever you like. We are a family run business and are always available to answer your questions and take your orders.

Call us on 01277 355044.

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Why purchase from Wheeliebins Ltd?

We have been established and selling wheelie bins online since 2001 and believe we were one of the first dedicated sellers of wheelie bins online.

We only sell "superior" quality wheelie bins made in Germany to the highest specifications using prime virgin polymer, which will give you a long and durable service life unlike inferior quality wheelie bins made in China and Eastern Europe etc.

What if I need to order a large quantity of wheelie bins?

If you are ordering larger quantity of wheelie bins it is always advisable to contact the office. A significant part of the cost of your wheelie bins is in the carriage, ordering larger quantities dramatically reduces the cost per wheelie bin.

How long will my wheelie bin last?

In normal domestic use your wheelie bin purchased from us will last decades.

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