Wheeliebins can supply all sizes of wheelie bins in a choice of colours with the option of lid locks for added security for the containment of low level clinical waste.  The purchase of said wheelie bins will ensure all your obligations are met regarding the containment of such waste and give you peace of mind that you are meeting the current hygiene standards put in place to protect you and your work force from contracting COVID-19.   All bins, in all colour and sizes are available for immediate delivery.    Contact us now 01277 355044



We at are proud to be the suppliers of superior quality wheelie bins manufactured in Germany.  The German wheelie bin is made from Virgin Polymer for strength and durability unlike Chinese and Far Eastern imports which have a high percentage of recycled material.  Our German made wheelie bins might be slightly more expensive, however, you pay for what you get and these wheelie bins will give a long and durable service life!


Guidance for disposal of waste in Wheelie Bins due to COVID 19

Personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags.  These bags should be placed into a second bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste in the room in which you are self isolating.  Keep these bags aside for at least 72 hours before putting into your usual black wheelie bin.  People without wheelie bins who use authorised blue bags for their rubbish should place personal waste in a securely tied disposable rubbish bag (like a black bin bag) before placing in your blue sack.

This is challenging times for all of us, so please keep safe and healthy dear friends.


The Shrinking Wheelie Bin

North East Lincolnshire Council has revealed plans to gradually reduce the size of its domestic waste collection wheelie bins from 240 litre to 180 litre by April 2023 as it introduces other waste collections systems such as larger recycling collection wheelie bins and a food waste collection service.  The local authority has said that the move will be made in the hope that residents will be recycling more waste under the new collection scheme.

Soon, the council's cabinet will formally approve plans to scrap the current three box system for recycling.  It will be replaced by a new scheme that will have two 240 litre wheelie bins that will be collected once a month - one every two weeks.


Wheelie Bin Theft

Police are reporting a huge increase in the theft of wheelie bins from private residences.  The surge in thefts is partly being attributed to the growing number of gangs who are stealing wheelie bins to resell on the black market.

Stolen wheelie bins are being offered for resale either by people calling from door to door or by online methods such as ebay.  Police believe that one of the reasons for this surge in wheelie bin thefts is the fact that people are struggling to manage their refuse levels since many councils are now collecting non recyclable refuse twice weekly.  Many families produce more non recyclable refuse than they can deal with and a number of people are resorting to buying stolen wheelie bins which they then use alongside their regular wheelie bin.


Top uses for the 1100 litre Wheelie Bin

The 1100 litre wheelie bin is the king of large waste wheelie bins.  It is bigger than your standard kerbside council bin and is often chosen by businesses or offered to them by waste management companies to contain large amounts of waste and recycling.  It is also a popular choice for a communal situation such as a block of flats or sheltered housing as the 1100 litre wheelie bin can store around 19 full bin bags before it needs emptying.  Due to its size, the 1100 litre wheelie bin is extremely versatile and can function well for many uses.   Available in a wide range of colours each wheelie bin is robust and offers an impressive capacity.  You can even personalise the wheelie bin with your own branding, logo, etc... Why would you buy such a large wheelie bin?  What can you use it for?  One of the main uses of the 1100 litre wheelie bin is to store waste and recycling for businesses because the size of the wheelie bin is ideal for companies that create a lot of waste from paper to bottles, from general waste to food waste.


Man Caught Pulling Wheelie Bin Containing Stolen Property

A man was caught pulling a wheelie bin full of stolen goods.  Police stopped the man on a Saturday morning walking along the street accompanied by the said wheelie bin.  The Officers said that the wheelie bin contained numerous items of property.  Some of the items were said to be stolen from a shed.  Officers added that the male pulling the wheelie bin was found to be wanted for a breach of court order and was subsequently arrested.


Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane? No, it's a Wheelie Bin!

Over the past couple of week, Britain has been hit by Storm Ciara followed by Dennis.  We've had to batten down the hatches as winds of up to 70 mph have taken grip.

So spare a thought for the humble wheelie bin.  Sure, it's sturdy, but if the weather gets really wild, it might need a helping hand to stay grounded.  Once your wheelie bin has been emptied, ensure you return it to a safe place in your garden to stop it being blown down the street.  Place a brick or something of similar weight in the bottom of the wheelie bin.  Invest in wheelie bin storage such as a garden bin store or a wooden wheelie bin store.  There are many different types you can buy which can be an attractive addition to any garden.

Take responsibility for your wheelie bin as you don't want to feel the wrath of a neighbour because your flying wheelie bin has nose-dived into their car!



How often have you gone to your wheelie bin, strategically placed behind or to the side of your property, opened the lid to pop some waste or recycling inside and are hit in the face by the pungent smell of rotten cabbages, etc… especially in the height of our British Summer! You can’t face the thought of donning a pair of rubber gloves, sticking your head inside and scrubbing and scraping away any waste stuck on the bottom or sides of your wheelie bin, so you leave it until the “next time” and hence the cycle repeats itself all over again. So, what can you do to avoid this happening in the future? Below are some top tips or a fresh smelling wheelie bin:

Wheelie bin liners are available in a variety of sizes to suit the wide selection of wheelie bins. The most popular size is the 240 litre wheelie bin liner because it fits the 240 and 120 litre wheelie bin.

You can also choose to put your waste into a black sack which you then carry out and place in to your wheelie bin. However, if there are any leakages from the black sack this will seep out on your way to the wheelie bin and another cleaning up task will be added to your job list!

Try to clean your wheelie bin regularly. If you own a jet wash, this will do the job really well or, if you don’t fancy the idea of cleaning your wheelie bin yourself, you can always employ a bin cleaner to do this for you.

Put simply, buy yourself a pack of bin liners and clean your wheelie bin regularly – job done!