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How often have you gone to your wheelie bin, strategically placed behind or to the side of your property, opened the lid to pop some waste or recycling inside and are hit in the face by the pungent smell of rotten cabbages, etc… especially in the height of our British Summer! You can’t face the thought of donning a pair of rubber gloves, sticking your head inside and scrubbing and scraping away any waste stuck on the bottom or sides of your wheelie bin, so you leave it until the “next time” and hence the cycle repeats itself all over again. So, what can you do to avoid this happening in the future? Below are some top tips or a fresh smelling wheelie bin:

Wheelie bin liners are available in a variety of sizes to suit the wide selection of wheelie bins. The most popular size is the 240 litre wheelie bin liner because it fits the 240 and 120 litre wheelie bin.

You can also choose to put your waste into a black sack which you then carry out and place in to your wheelie bin. However, if there are any leakages from the black sack this will seep out on your way to the wheelie bin and another cleaning up task will be added to your job list!

Try to clean your wheelie bin regularly. If you own a jet wash, this will do the job really well or, if you don’t fancy the idea of cleaning your wheelie bin yourself, you can always employ a bin cleaner to do this for you.

Put simply, buy yourself a pack of bin liners and clean your wheelie bin regularly – job done!


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