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4 x 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins

Top uses for the 1100 litre Wheelie Bin

The 1100 litre wheelie bin is the king of large waste wheelie bins.  It is bigger than your standard kerbside council bin and is often chosen by businesses or offered to them by waste management companies to contain large amounts of waste and recycling.  It is also a popular choice for a communal situation such as a block of flats or sheltered housing as the 1100 litre wheelie bin can store around 19 full bin bags before it needs emptying.  Due to its size, the 1100 litre wheelie bin is extremely versatile and can function well for many uses.   Available in a wide range of colours each wheelie bin is robust and offers an impressive capacity.  You can even personalise the wheelie bin with your own branding, logo, etc... Why would you buy such a large wheelie bin?  What can you use it for?  One of the main uses of the 1100 litre wheelie bin is to store waste and recycling for businesses because the size of the wheelie bin is ideal for companies that create a lot of waste from paper to bottles, from general waste to food waste.


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