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What A Load of Rubbish!

Love them or loathe them wheelie bins have become a prominent feature on the British landscape just as much as satellite dishes. They are now part of most households in the UK with the majority of the population now having two or more bins – one for recycling, one for general rubbish plus the optional food and/or garden waste bin.

Those that love them have gone so far as sticking images of sunflowers, hedgerows and bricks to blend in with their habitat whilst others who loathe them protest that they clutter our streets and look unsightly.

I don’t know about you, but I would not relish the thought of the 70’s again when you would see row upon row of sacks of rubbish, cardboard boxes, bottles and old clothes, etc… (and may be the odd mangled bike) stacked outside people’s houses for foxes and sundry rodents to nibble their way through or blustery winds to lift and to scatter the remnants half way down the road.

So here’s to the wheelie bin and a cleaner and tidier Great Britain!

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