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Can you believe that in some geographical areas in this country that black bin bags are still being used as a weekly collection of general waste.  We are constantly being encouraged to recycle through the media and yet the system is being failed by local authorities who choose not to provide each household with at least one wheelie bin!

The London Borough of Redbridge are at last about to select 7,000 homes for a wheelie bin trial! Many residents have complained about rubbish being strewn across the street by animals who rip the black bags open.  The pilot scheme for wheelie bins is being introduced next week and aims to keep streets clean and increase recycling.

Council officials estimate a borough wide introduction of wheelie bins could potentially reduce some of the £18 million the council spends each year on collecting 22 million black sacks.

So folks, take responsibility for your own rubbish and buy your own wheelie bin to help with the renewal and sustainability of our planet!


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