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Price excludes VAT.

All wheelie bins can be fitted with lid locks, apertures for bottles, tins etc. slots for paper. Please call for more info and prices.

Our Superior quality 660 litre wheelie bin is available in 6 standard colours: Green, Dark Grey/Black, Blue, Brown, Red & Yellow (other colours subject to availability)

Made to the highest standards from new raw material only, giving the wheelie bin greater strength, flexibility and durability unlike other inferior wheelie bin manufacturers that use large amounts mixed material.

All of our wheelie bins are 100% recyclable at the end of their very long life.

Wheelie bins are compatible with all standard local authority vehicle lifting equipment and have strong reinforced lifting combs fitted for this purpose.

Resistant to UV, Cold, Heat & Chemicals

Strong galvanised axle, smooth running wheels with solid tyres.

Our wheelie bins comply with the relevant noise protection directive and are marked with the acoustic level (CE mark)

Weight of empty wheelie bin 45KG

Maximum load rating 270KG

The 660 litre is the smallest of the four wheeled bins that we supply suitable for very large households, flats, shops etc. or for numerous commercial applications.

Made form PE-HD using the compact injection moulding method and emptied using the standard lifting comb.

Just like all of our “Superior” quality wheelie bins the 660 litre is manufactured to full EN840 approval meeting all relevant safety standards.

660 litre are fitted as standard with “side lift trunnions” (removable) for use with a static waste compactor if required.

660 litre wheelie bins can be fitted with drop fronts for ease of loading/unloading please call for info. and prices.

660 litre wheelie bins can be fitted with tow kits so wheelie bins can be moved by a prime mover ideal for Hospitals, Factories, Schools etc.


Height: 1215mm
Width: 770mm