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Wheelie Bins for Construction and Demolition

If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable construction waste bin or demolition bins, Wheeliebins Ltd can help. We have been a major supplier of wheelie bins for the construction industry since they began trading and our name is synonymous with high quality products and service.

There is a massive variation in the quality of construction site bins available on the market today. Purchasing poor quality wheelie bins will see them crack and split in no time, unlike the “Superior” quality wheelie bins supplied by us, that offer a long and durable service life.

Why choose Wheeliebins Ltd?

All of our wheelie bins are made from virgin polymer, making them tough and durable, unlike low quality wheelie bins that have a large content of recycled material in them. We supply all sizes of wheelie bins and demolition bins to the construction industry. Our stock ranges from the standard 240 litre two wheeled bin, through to our most popular wheelie bin the 660 litre four wheeled bin, and all the way up to the largest 1100 litre wheelie bin.

Construction waste bin uses

Here at Wheeliebins Ltd, we stock a vast product selection to meet any business or household requirements. Wheelie bins and construction site bins can be used on sites for General Waste, Waste segregation and recycling and for moving solid and liquid materials around site. Now more than ever it is so important to dispose of all PPE in a safe and responsible way, in order to ensure that you are following all current rules and regulations. We can also supply you with a yellow locking bin for clinical/contaminated waste for all of your sites.

Additional Options

Our construction site bins are made to suit all types of sites and uses. We understand the need for a diverse and comprehensive range of additional options. All construction bin varieties can be fitted with lid locks to prevent unauthorised use of bins whilst on site, we can also fit “Drop Fronts” on all four wheeled bins for ease of loading/unloading. We are pleased to say that our demolition bins and all types of wheelie bins can also be fitted with “Forklift” pockets so they can be moved around site by forklifts/telehandlers. We always strive to stock the latest products to enable easy and convenient usage.

Contact us

No product is too big or too small, so please get in touch to discuss a fast and free quote from a member of our highly trained team. Whatever your site requirements are, we can accommodate them in an efficient and reliable manner. We look forward to taking your call today.

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